t4fii 9zf58 82khz r435d 6yd6z df237 tf23s 83dds abdnk 46drz fifid 5rkrd h9i72 55n78 68a8i n3dsd 32n79 t2n6d sbb59 4y5ds 38n47 Kulcsár Edina videoklip vélemény? :D |

Kulcsár Edina videoklip vélemény? :D

2022.01.24 14:03 chessmatt8 Kulcsár Edina videoklip vélemény? :D

A "dalszövegen" a pofám leszakad :D
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2022.01.24 14:03 peter-vankman Traveling to Texas

Hello Texas!
Will be traveling from Baton Rouge to Texas and want to take my 4 year old son to a water park and just wondering in your opinion which one is best. Was thinking Great Wolf Lodge or Schlitterbahn.
Was thinking about April/May isnt
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2022.01.24 14:03 Sno0pyBo0 Legendary Buddy Rich's amazing drum solo here beginning at 2:17 is out of this world

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2022.01.24 14:03 CaptainWafflebeard It's a learning experience

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2022.01.24 14:03 ombresaco typing esperanto 94 WPM normal test at 10ff + showing hands

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2022.01.24 14:03 handlewattism Status of bike lanes

Hey does anyone know the status of bike lanes in the city right now? Specifically going north/south (queen&river to Yonge/eg). I can report that the bike path on bayview north of Rosedale valley is unrideable as well as the Rosedale valley path itself. I'm getting tired of being buzzed by cars in this weather on bayview 😮‍💨
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2022.01.24 14:03 StormGaza ALXNDRBRWN - Dream School (ft. Sage Francis & Buck 65) [Music Video]

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2022.01.24 14:03 OliverMarkusMalloy Unvaccinated man whose wife flew him to Texas to keep him intubated dies of COVID

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2022.01.24 14:03 hazza037 Need help on multiplayer solution for unity game

The game is only in the planning stage at the moment, but here is what i will need:
- A form of matchmaking. The game will be a 5v5 game, with a similar queue system to a game like csgo for example
- The game will likely need a server. The game is somewhat competitive so a dedicated server will be required
- Anti-cheat
I'm new to coding multiplayer games, and so have no real footing on where to start with this project. I've heard of something called playfab that i could maybe use for the project but i was mainly asking on here for some peoples opinions on which options would be best for me (I'm willing to put the man hours in to make this game, and am aware how hard multiplayer games can be to make)
Any Advice is much appreciated and thanks for reading.
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2022.01.24 14:03 HowPsychotic I fucking love wet wipes

They are helping me through so much shit
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2022.01.24 14:03 endzeitaffe Titel

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2022.01.24 14:03 Ralskis Strap a beer to your ski poles or boots!

Strap a beer to your ski poles or boots!
I invented this product here in Whitefish, MT and it has taken the mountain by storm. Check it out here: https://beerbinding.com/product/ski-pole-ski-boot-beer-holde
Thick "old school" foam coozie with two velcro straps to attach to your ski pole handle or ski boot buckles. I've sold hundreds of the original model for snowboarders but now skiers can join the party too. This new model hold your favorite beverage very securely we were boosting and hitting 70+ mph without any issues.
Previously I always kept my beverages in my backpack or pockets but that sucks when it explodes in your pocket or pack and this solves that. Plus you get to make a statement that you like to party. Always gets noticed in the lift line and lifties love them. The biggest critique is that the beer is shaken up but I'm here to tell you that happens regardless if it's in your pocket or pack, just open slowly and enjoy. The new thicker coozie model provides a more secure hold, more insulation for colder temps and protects the can from being punctured by ski boot buckles.

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2022.01.24 14:03 ombresaco Amuza Luno (Funny Moon) evento – Info Teaser no. 2: Esperanto Version

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2022.01.24 14:03 matt9527 Wow playing online sure is fun!

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2022.01.24 14:03 ttoad92 Ignorant tv host pastor gets pranked

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2022.01.24 14:03 Raidenofficial_ Question Regarding Original Ronin 1

Hello all! I’m trying to keep making use of my Original Ronin 1 as along as I can as it’s been a work horse since I’ve gotten it. I just had the chance to buy the DJI Part 41 Battery Distributor for Ronin/Ronin M and I was curious to know if I could hypothetically now power my ronin off a V-Mount battery rather than the small (relatively old) DJI batteries that came with my gimbal. Did I just waste my money or did I make a good call? I know how hard it is to find the Ronin Power adapter and when I came across this, it looked like I could run my main power source from a V-Mount.
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2022.01.24 14:03 trailovic030 Selling oppressor > best idea i've had in a while

i've sold my oppressor for 2.5mil and bought Benny's customizable cars and i think that's best idea i've had in while. I didn't knew how much fun those cars can be
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2022.01.24 14:03 ombresaco Esperanto Cantabile

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2022.01.24 14:03 thethreejokers Got an offer from the dealership

So I have received letters from my dealership in the past but usually its nothing special. I however received a letter from them offering me an even swap for my current car. To give the specifics I have a 2017 Toyota corolla LE with a 10.5% interest rate. They are offering to take my 2017 corolla LE and swapping it out for a 2022 at 2.9% interest. I've had my 2017 for 3 years and it has roughly 40,000 miles on it. I'm really not experienced with the situation as I've never been in it before. Wasn't really looking for a new car but I know used car prices are at an all time high and this might be an offer worth looking into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.24 14:03 dlschindler Granny Vs. Snake

Last summer is when it happened. My son was finally over a year old and I was willing to leave him at my mom's house with her and go out with Lamar. We needed some time to get back together. He was an okay dad, spending time with me and his son. I only wish we hadn't broken up. We both wanted to get back together, we just needed some time to sort things out.
I had felt something awful after dinner and I had wanted to go home. It wasn't Lamar, he was being very good to me and paying for everything because he had a new job. I could really believe he was sorry and wanted me and his son back in his life. But something was terribly wrong, back at home.
When we got to the apartments, we were met by my mother's neighbor, Mrs. Peabody. She was standing outside her own apartment. She had Lamar Jr. at her apartment. She promised me he was asleep and that he was perfectly fine.
"Where's my mom?" I asked, a dreadful fear creeping up inside my throat. All the signs pointed to something being horribly and terribly wrong. Was she alive?
"Your mother." Mrs. Peabody said slowly. "Is at the hospital. I thought she called you."
"Nobody called. Jalara knew she had to come home. What's going on?" Lamar asked for me.
"Raven is the bravest and strongest woman I know." Mrs. Peabody proclaimed. "I don't know all of what happened, but she killed that monster and saved her grandson."
"What?" I felt tears in my eyes. "Where's my son?"
"He is fine, he is sleeping, like I said." Mrs. Peabody repeated herself. "The police and animal control just left, right after the ambulance."
"Ambulance?" I was distressed. I needed to see my son, but I needed to know my mother was alright. It didn't sound like she was.
"I'm sorry, baby-girl. I don't know how she is. That monster did some damage to her. I am praying for her, that's the best I can do." Mrs. Peabody led us into her apartment and to Lamar Jr.
I sat down with him and started to cry from confusion and fear. I lay down beside my napping child and held him. "I'm never leaving you alone, not ever again." I whispered.
"I'm going upstairs to get the diapers." Lamar put his strong hand on my hip and told me where he was going. "I'll be right back."
He left us momentarily and went upstairs to get the diaper bag. He came back with his eyes wide with disturbance at what he had seen. I sat up slowly with dreadful terror at the circumstances I was about to know. He set down the diaper bag and an eye bear. Then he just sat there for a long time staring soberly at his son. I could see something had just changed in my man. His eyes looked different, and that look never left him. He was changed by what he knew.
"Tell me what happened." I told him. He shook his head slowly, his own fear too strong for him to speak. After awhile he said:
"It's a mess." He began slowly. "Blood everywhere."
"What?" I gasped in horror. I looked at my little boy and trembled. What monster had come for him?
"Everything is knocked over." He continued in a quiet voice. "Window in your room is open. I think that's how."
"What?" I asked when he stopped talking. He sighed and picked up the eye bear. It had a nanny cam and recorded up to eight hours at a time. He unzipped its back and looked at me for approval at what he was doing. He knew about it because he was the one who bought it for me, back when he had started trying to get me back. He'd hoped it would help get me out of the house so he could spend time alone with me. When he had finally gotten me alone he had treated me perfectly, very sincere and determined to earn my forgiveness.
I nodded and he extracted the USB cable from it to plug into his phone. We had matching phones because he had bought a new one for me, too. He wasn't surprised I had spied on my mom by setting up the eye bear. The toy was really a video camera and microphone inside of a stuffed bear.
He was watching it from the beginning and I could hear my mom singing to Lamar Jr. His dad was smiling as he watched that part, even though he knew it was going to get awful.
Things went quiet and he watched for a little while and commented: "He sleeps a lot."
"He is your son." I said on impulse and somehow it made us both laugh a little bit with some kind of comic relief. Anything to break the tension.
Lamar began to fast-forward the video until he got to the part where things got scary. I could only see his reaction. His eyes widened and darted from his phone to his son and back to reassure himself of the outcome. Then awful horror crept across his face and I could feel his fear, gnawing inside of me like the teeth of some primeval reptile.
He gasped and looked away and then looked back. Then I could hear my mother screaming in the video and Lamar turned down the volume so it was less intense to hear. As he was turning it down her screams grew more horrified and loud. Finally he nearly had it on mute. I could still hear her noises as she struggled with some unknown and monstrous intruder.
"Lamar?" I asked him with my eyes watering and my voice breaking. I kept covering my mouth like he was doing. I could see his eyes had become like orbs of tears, ready to spill across his cheeks and fingers while he covered his mouth and stared at the nightmare.
"I feel sick." He coughed after it was over. I could hear my mother moaning in pain and my baby crying. Whatever had happened was over, but the pain and terror lingered on, the part of the monster that could never be killed. Lamar retreated from the room to collect himself out on the porch.
I slowly got up and looked at his phone. The most frightening horror movie in my world was still playing. I couldn't look, at first. I am not someone who likes scary things, I certainly don't like horror movies. I got scared watching the third Ghostbusters and it was supposed to be funny.
My mother's beautiful singing. When she was just Raven, she used to be a female singer. She went up with Kool Moe Dee. She has a framed picture someone took of her on stage with him performing live. She just sings gospel music now, but her voice is still very beautiful.
While her grandson was asleep she left the room. I fast forwarded until I saw it. I stopped the video and gasped at the sight. In the open window it had appeared: a giant snake.
I moved inexorably towards my sleeping son where he slept and it was obviously going to eat him. Nothing scares me more than snakes. I couldn't watch. My whole body was tingling, my nerves were frayed, I was hyperventilating and sweating while I watched it crawl. It slithered up to him and tasted him with its tongue. Then it lifted itself and opened its mouth, unhinging its jaw. I knew it could wrap him up and crush his bones and then eat him. That is what it was going to do, I knew it would. I had to look to where Lamar Jr. was sleeping to know he would be fine. He was still sleeping soundly.
That is when Raven attacked it. She came out of nowhere screaming "No! No! No!" and grasping the snake's head in her hands, she pulled it away from him. She dug her nails into its eyes and pushed it against the dresser. The snake wasted no time using its strength to fight back. It began to writhe and coil itself, trying to wrap itself around my mom while she held its head in her blood covered fingers.
Lamar Jr. woke up and started crying from all the noise. Raven wrestled and dragged and rolled the serpent out of the room and I could not see everything that was happening. Then I saw that one of her arms was hanging limp at her side. She had a broken arm. She still had one good arm and she collected a piece of a broken wooden chair they had fallen onto.
The snake seemed to be done with her and was crawling away. Raven was on her knees, crossing the floor with the stake raised. I could hear the pinched, hissing noise from the snake the first time she stabbed it. With grunting effort she pulled the wooden shard free and raised it again. She had enough strength and fury to stab it five more times before she collapsed beside it. There she lay moaning in agony. She was covered in cuts and bruises and it had bitten her cheek and pulled a piece of her face off.
The incredible awfulness of it had somehow made me numb at that point. I felt strangely calm as I turned it off and looked at my son. I snuggled up next to him and waited for his father to come snuggle up next to me. After he was ready he came back in and comforted me.
"I will stay and guard him. He will be fine, you have to go see her." Lamar said quietly.
"I am in no condition to drive." My numbness wore off as soon as I felt safe and I was speaking. My voice broke up and I started sobbing.
"Mrs. Peabody can take you. She can drive my car. You gotta go see her." Lamar was adamant.
"Okay." I sniffled. Then I realized that he never let anyone drive his car. I had sometimes felt jealous that he was more territorial about his car than he was about me. I laughed that kind of laugh that comes from someone who was just crying and said: "You never let anyone drive your car."
"It's just a car." He said. Like he was a totally different person: that was my proof. I kissed him with all my loving and left him and his son so I could go see my mom. Before I left I heard him say for the first time since we were first together:
"I love you, be safe."
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2022.01.24 14:03 sonicenvy Kodak Brownie No 2-A Plate camera. This one's a bit of mystery, as none of the standard brownie camera/kodak camera ID sites/catalogs have any trace of this camera, so I'm unsure of the actual date of manufacture. More deets in comments.

Kodak Brownie No 2-A Plate camera. This one's a bit of mystery, as none of the standard brownie camera/kodak camera ID sites/catalogs have any trace of this camera, so I'm unsure of the actual date of manufacture. More deets in comments. submitted by sonicenvy to vintagecameras [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 14:03 anonymous062904 What did I do wrong/what should I change; be brutally honest?

Today was one of those days where my mom and I got into it because I didn’t want to pursue medicine
She kept on telling me why I didn’t want to do it?
I said it was never in me, never had a passion for people, I never had a say with what I wanted to do anyways.
I also said that no one in my immediate/extended family are doctors anyways.
I keep on telling her the pros of what I want to do. And if that doesnt work I’d just pursue music.
She interrupted me saying that I’m too hardheaded and I never listen
Your choice of friends? Look at you now you literally have no friends
A job? Look at where you are now?
Driving early (without a permit)? Couldn’t do that
Hobbies? You’re literally pathetic and on Reddit 24/7 if not that you’re always stuck in your room or watching porn
You want to do computer science? When you can’t even naturally interact with others…good luck with that
And if not music again, your choice
Majority of these artists are poor and stuck into crappy labels.
You just don’t fucking listen do you?
That’s why YOU FAILED ME
In my head I was like, I could never please her
Let’s say I finally take the premed route but choose another specialization they’ll still be conflict would I still be happy?
I mean everything she said isn’t wrong either, it’s not like I have anything going for me either
I essentially feel blind to my own intuition as every mistake I make, not even mistake but every choice I make is always comes out as shitty and bad.
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2022.01.24 14:03 Hammarberq Please help quick!

What happens if $_SESSION[“schackdrag”]=“passant”; changes to $schackdrag=“passant”; in the file passant1.php? And why it happened!
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2022.01.24 14:03 really-good-point Why are your windows tinted to the legal limit or darker than legal (including our local cop cars)- what’s the point?

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2022.01.24 14:03 iamasheepbaa What style look do you like most on woman and men?

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