The Case for Ryan Tannehill

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2022.01.24 14:17 PhinsFan17 The Case for Ryan Tannehill

Been seeing a loooooooot of flaming hot takes the last couple of days around these parts and on Twitter and I feel like we need to take a step back and examine our quarterback situation with some objectivity. Obviously we are all very upset about the outcome of the game this weekend. It hurts to lose in the playoffs. It hurts a lot worse when a game-ending interception results in a walk-off field goal. But emotions cannot cloud personnel decisions. Thank God JRob is in charge and not TennesseeTitans!
Let's get this out of the way: Ryan played a bad game Saturday. Every quarterback has bad game once in a while. Even Mahomes has struggled in many spots this season. Quarterbacks lay an egg sometimes. Ours just happened to do it during a playoff game. But to lay this loss entirely at his feet is disingenuous. I would argue that good coaching and scheming can overrule poor quarterback play in a pinch, and Tannehill was not the only player on offense not to execute.
The first interception of the game was pretty solely on Tannehill. We can say that maybe that was an aggressive play call for the start of the game, but ultimately it just wasn't a great throw. Ryan tries to force some passes sometimes, and a good chunk of the time it results in some spectacular plays, but sometimes he gets picked instead. Not much to defend there.
At the time, I agreed with Vrabel's call to go for two. You're on the 1 with the best running back in the game, a dual-threat quarterback, and the most effective goal line offense in the NFL. It makes sense to go for two. The flip-side of that is, of course, had we been up by one point by just kicking the PAT, we would not have been passing the ball with 30 seconds left, and an interception doesn't happen. Analytics says it makes sense at the time. But the conventional wisdom stands: always kick the ball, get the easy points. Being tied with under two minutes left is 100% on Mike Vrabel.
The second interception was a combination of poor offensive scheming and good defensive play. It is asinine to go to a shotgun pass within the 10 after breaking a 40-yard run. We ran the bubble screen, the defensive end got in untouched and tipped the ball. You can say Tannehill shouldn't have made the throw, but by the time he would have seen the defender in the backfield, it was too late. We run the ball there and that interception doesn't happen.
Back to the rest of the offense not executing. Blasingame dropped a great pass on 2nd & 11 that would have almost certainly been a touchdown, a huge gain and first down at minimum. That put us at 3rd & 11, where AJ Brown then proceeded to drop a catchable ball. Not a perfect pass, but if you're an NFL receiver and it hits you in both hands, you have to catch it. Taylor Lewan and the rest of the line was getting beat consistently. The 4&1 handoff to Derrick Henry failed because the defense was completely in the backfield before the ball was handed off.
Oh, King Henry. I was as excited as anyone else for him to be back, but he was clearly not at 100%, and it was foolish to try to force something with him when Foreman was clearly the hot hand. Four carries for 60 yards means he gets the ball.
And now the third interception. It hit NWI in the hands and he popped it up in the air (anyone else get flashbacks to the same pass to Raymond in the Ravens game?). That can't be blamed on Tannehill. And the scheming surrounding that drive made little sense. It felt like we were playing for overtime with the way we were letting the clock run down, but then we were suddenly passing very aggressively. It's like we couldn't commit to one or the other.
Anyway, we lost because of a mix of things, but this is a post about our QB1, so let's get into that.
Ryan Tannehill is hardly elite. But he is not the dumpster fire that some on this sub like to think. We seem to have forgotten the sheer number of games that Ryan has put on his back and pulled us out of this season, while throwing to practice squad receivers, missing his Pro Bowl tackle and MVP rusher, and working with Todd Downing's anemic offense.
"Ryan's not the guy to win a ring." Listen, a lot worse quarterbacks have won Super Bowls. Joe Flacco. Brad Johnson. Trent Dilfer. Mark Rypien. Doug Williams. Ken Stabler. Jim McMahon. They all have rings. And I think Tannehill is a better quarterback than any of those guys. It doesn't always come down to quarterback play, not if you have the other right pieces.
"We need to trade for a star." Okay. Who? Aaron Rodgers isn't coming here. And if you look at the Packers playoff record since winning in 2010, clearly having the perennial MVP isn't enough. Wilson? He's been pretty bad the past two seasons, and he's not going to leave Seattle for a run-heavy offense. Not to mention he lost a big game by forcing a pass, too. Matt Ryan? He's older than Tannehill and has a bigger cap hit, and lacks the athleticism. Kirk Cousins? Lateral move at best. Watson? I've long been of the mind that he is overrated, and I would rather go winless the rest of my life than have a rapist under center. There is no free agent quarterback out there who could dramatically improve the offensive situation and be worth the cap hit of offloading Tannehill. Like him or not, he's our guy. Although I do like him.
"We need to draft a quarterback." Drafting a quarterback is no different than gambling. It's a complete crapshoot. How many megastars came to the NFL and sucked? Johnny Manziel. Tim Tebow. Ryan Leaf. Jamarcus Russell. Andrew Luck. Trevor Lawrence hasn't been playing up to par, either, nor has Tua. Hell, the greatest quarterback ever was drafted in the sixth round! It's a guessing game. And this year's quarterback class isn't exactly filled with studs. Not to mention the fact that we'll be picking 25th.
We don't need a new quarterback. We couldn't even find one if we did! What we need is a new offensive scheme. Whether that means Downing goes or gets his shit together, I don't know. But if we do the same things we did this year, and wait to score until the second quarter every single game, we'll be right back where we were this weekend: one-and-done. It's 2022. Run-run-pass-punt retired with Marty Schottenheimer. Everything rises and falls on coaching. I believe in Mike Vrabel. I want to believe in his subordinates. It's up to them to convince us. The problem in replacing Downing is that there are a lot of head coaching vacancies this year that are going to suck up the great offensive minds, and if we got someone new, then we're right back at square one with the offense learning a new system. There are cons on all sides.
We need to beef up our offensive line (Quessenbury gave up more sacks than any right tackle in 2021), get a real tight end, and maybe even cut Julio Jones if it comes to it. We make those adjustments and keep our defense scary, and we'll be playing in Arizona come next February.
I still believe in Ryan. He pulled us out of the basement, he made Henry what he is, and I don't think he's given us everything. Not yet.
Titan Up, everybody. Our window is far from closed.
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2022.01.24 14:17 schinway Why is Storage Pool much less than the HDD capacity

Why is Storage Pool much less than the HDD capacity Running DS1520+ with 5 HDD (6TB, 6TB, 4TB, 4TB, 4TB). Even with the smaller capacities that the NAS reports I should still have ~14TB in SHR RAID but my Storage Volume shows 10.9 TB total. Why is the volume so much less than the total of the HDDs?
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2022.01.24 14:17 Realistic-Handle-994 Requesting Female wrist pictures - I have a smaller wrist and debating between Fenix 7S and Venu 2 Plus

Please let me know your feedback about your devices. I currently have an Apple Watch and want to switch to Garmin
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Source: ScotiaBank

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2022.01.24 14:17 DylonSaurio Que hacer?

Gente tengo un indoor de 1,60 y mis plantas ya entraron en floración hace unas semanas pero ya están pasando el foco, que podría hacer?
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2022.01.24 14:17 queenofdarknessxoxo summer odd jobs?

Hi, I am a school learning support assistant/paraprofessional. My school does not pay during the summer when we have time off. What are some odd jobs you guys do/ I could pick up during summer? I would get a job waitressing or something for just the summer but I would feel bad quitting a job after 3 months that hasn’t done anything wrong to me. I do not wish to have 2 jobs during the school year because I work until 430 some days and am exhausted after work as well as don’t need the extra income during the school year.
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2022.01.24 14:17 Intelligent-Unit7384 Puntajes de corte 2022

Hola, les escribo porque estoy algo extrañado por un tema que ocurrio con mis resultados de postulacion y quizas por aca me puedan ayudar a darle alguna explicacion.
Resulta que como primera opcion postulé a X carrera, la cual, segun la pagina web y otras fuentes, tenia un puntaje de corte 2021 de 569 puntos. Yo postulé con 603 puntos y la verdad es que estaba super confiado de quedar, porque sé que los puntajes no varian demasiado entre un año y otro.
Bueno, la cosa es que reviso hoy y me encuentro con la sorpresa de que no solo quede en lista de espera, si no que tambien me encuentro en el lugar 200 de esta, es decir, hay 200 mas antes de q me consideren a mi, lo cual me parece una locura y casi imposible.
La verdad es que quedé pal pico, porque no me esperaba quedar tan abajo.
No tengo donde mas buscar la explicacion a esto y me estoy poniendo super ansioso, ya que mi segunda opcion para la misma carrera no me convence para nada y esperaba quedar solamente en la primera.
Por eso les pregunto, como ha sido la experiencia de quienes postularon? tienen nociones sobre si los puntajes de corte subieron tanto? o quizas lo contrario?
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Everyone that’s been posting “ man I wish this would be ( insert number ) I would buy so many More “ nows your chance.
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2022.01.24 14:17 mularising Does anyone else think this shot is absolutely beautiful and so powerful? Haunting, tragic and beautiful. Gave me chills.

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[Gourmet] Lions Mane pinning and ready to fruit. Would love to reuse my bags, will it make nice fruits if I just open the top? Or is it truly better to cut slices where the pins are? One pin is on bottom, one’s on top. submitted by Ganooki to MushroomGrowers [link] [comments]

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