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VA_-_Beatport_Maxinne_-_Turn_It_Up_Chart-WEB-2021 / ZHouse

2022.01.21 02:54 zhouse_org VA_-_Beatport_Maxinne_-_Turn_It_Up_Chart-WEB-2021 / ZHouse

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2022.01.21 02:54 py_sarath_k Cool or uncool

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2022.01.21 02:54 FromHiisiWithLove Found a lot of yellow jars

Dunno what's happened here. Dead sniper hiisi under the jars, no mods, shift is only water to wormblood
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2022.01.21 02:54 Pumuckl4Life Prozess gegen 81-Jährigen, der Freund Suizidwaffe gegeben haben soll

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2022.01.21 02:54 Advancedunlimited Madelaine Petsch

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2022.01.21 02:54 Bundo111 Ben Kim - Somebody To Love (Gorgon City Remix)

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2022.01.21 02:54 VercoZen These orders man 2-6$ orders

EVERYTIME I get these orders I just want to pick them up and not deliver them cause I know damn well they won’t be delivered so I might as well get a free meal on DoorDash dime. It’s already going to sit out for 2 hours I might as well take it 😂
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2022.01.21 02:54 telex_bot A havi félmillió akkor is jár, ha még egyetlen diák sem utazhatott külföldre nyelvet tanulni

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2022.01.21 02:54 Snoo-90760 Secured Ship Token is the 100x gem |CertiK Auidited | Listed on CoinTiger Exchange | Gateio Is on The Way | ETH Bridge for ETH Whales is The Next | NFT Marketplace 🚀 | Earn BNB just for playing their game 🎮 | Lp Locked! | Massive Marketing Push incoming with Top Influencers 🔥


Secured Ship is a BEP-20 Token with different ways of earning system developed on Binance Smart Chain. They want to offer their holders different ways of earning. Their game is on Google Play Store where you can play and earn. Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 $SHIP (1 Quadrillion)

Decimals: 9

Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Transaction Fee: %10 (2% Liquidity Pool, 2% Buyback, 2% Distributing to Holders and 4% Rewards)

Contract Address: 0xC0A696BBb66352E5b88624F1d1B8909C34Dc4E4a

LOW MARKET CAP $300.000 !

Brief: Secured Ship officially launched on Tuesday 09 November 2021 and successfully filled up its presale with more than 200BNB. The project had audited by CertiK and the team did KYC with PinkSale prior to the presale, to ensure the investors of a safe ecosystem in which they can PLAY AND EARN!


THEY ARE HERE TO STAY - and the liquidity is locked for 10 years!

EVENTS AND REWARDS - the team encourages you to be part of the community and for this they have planned many events with great rewards:

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/SecuredShip

TG - http://t.me/securedship

Website - https://securedship.com/
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2022.01.21 02:54 bombora86 H: Ari ap wwr excavator LL. W: price check

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2022.01.21 02:54 CheckLow3236 Join my Live Group "Ria's Group 💋💋", ONLY valid for 24h.

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2022.01.21 02:54 questioning-flower Questions from a (very confused) non Mennonite- don't want to be disrespectful

Hi! To start of I have been on a very very long, and at some points difficult and confusing spiritual journey. Just for reference I am not a Mennonite by heritage at all. My beliefs on God and Jesus are very.... Diverse. Maybe I should go back a little in my explanation- I have always enjoyed+loved learning about religions. I do feel sad, or almost discontent when I do though because of not having my own religious community/practices to do... Almost like a left out feeling. I want to be apart of a religious community, not just because of that feeling, but also because I want a community that will help to support me in following my life philosophy and that Is just positive in general I guess. My main question is:
Would I be accepted into liberal mennonite churches if I have a very... Non specific belief about God and Jesus? Like viewing God and Jesus as metaphors or allegories, to use to be in their image? Would I be able to participate in the community of the church/ be a liberal mennonite if my belief is based in metaphor as opposed to supernatural? I would still respect people who do believe in God+Jesus as the supernatural of course.
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2022.01.21 02:54 Xndr88X Just sharing. Awesome artwork done by Chamber Artwork. Found it at ArtStation.

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2022.01.21 02:54 factstime How do you want the series to end?

I have talked about a Harry Potter ending to Cobra Kai, and that would be awesome imo.
What type of ending do you guys want?
What would your ending be and what would happen to the main characters?
What happens to the teens, and who ends up with who?
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2022.01.21 02:54 littlebruja Would I suit a wolf haircut?

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2022.01.21 02:54 PeterSchnapkins US public school system only wants compliance they don't care if you fail, they just want you to do what your told, There is no learning only memorization at best

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2022.01.21 02:54 Fashionably-Early Is this normal

I have been a neurology PA (was new grad) for 2 years. As I have become more proficient and knowledgeable I have been given more responsibility. This would be great, except that my manager and supervising doctor are hardly ever in the office. My office manager (who works from home) continues to hire students with no experience as medical assistants, and by the time they are trained they head off to grad school. My SP is always a phone call away, but there are some extremely complex patients coming in that I feel she should be managing. I also typically see most new patients as my SP is booked out for months. I am feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and under supported. Wondering if this is the nature of the beast or if I should start looking for a more supportive environment.
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2022.01.21 02:54 Flashy-Difference-54 Feelings during masturbation?

Ok so I (25F) tried accepting being attracted to women in a sexual way. I just thought ok I’m gonna accept I’m bi and the thoughts aren’t to crazy in my mind anymore, but when I try masturbating and thinking of women it makes me feel very uncomfortable.
So my question is do people who are bi or lesbian go through this? Or did my OCD go quiet because I made a decision and for the moment it’s content?
Ive never had a crush or felt like I wanted to be with a women, I’m had those thoughts but they’ve always came with an anxious feeling and an ultimate thought of like that’s not what I want.
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2022.01.21 02:54 Melon-Brain Just finished watching Scream and I think I missed two scenes.

Did Chromefqce appear in the movie at all, and if so when does that happen? I was looking forward to the associated voice cameo. And was Chad shown surviving? I just remember seeing Mindy being wheeled out before the camera pans over to Gale and Sidney . I’m going to see it again in a couple days so I want to make sure I don’t blink during the wrong moment again.
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2022.01.21 02:54 TheTinyBastion H: 10k caps per W: script berserkers dragons/blunderbuss’s

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2022.01.21 02:54 allisoneatslv Airbnb Defends Illegal Listing & Protects Aggressive Host in Phoenix


  1. The host rented a housing unit that I believe is strictly illegal (no working heat violates habitability laws in Arizona and Phoenix code) 2. The host also entered through a locked door when we weren't there, but our dogs were. 3. Immediately after we checked out and let him know we'd need to report the lack of heat (trying to be decent and give him a heads up - my mistake), he called us and yelled at us over the phone, including claiming that telling Airbnb about the heat not working would "ruin his business." 4. Partial refund from Airbnb was granted after multiple phone calls/messages, and without admitting error. 5. Airbnb deleted our honest and correct review, and said that warning people about the heat was "manipulative" (???).
To preface, we're (my husband and I) pretty darn close to the ideal Airbnb guests. No fuss, no mess, no drama...I have stayed in Airbnbs for 100+ nights in the past few years. We prefer Airbnb to hotel rooms. We clean up before we depart! We have glowing reviews. I don't recall ever running into an issue. But now that we DID run into a problem, we're finding that fixing it is impossible, to the point where our legitimate review was deleted and they legit do not care at all that the host was aggressive and the listing illegal. The company seems intent on protecting a dishonest, aggressive host instead of customers paying money as guests, while claiming "objectivity".
This was a 2-night stay in a dog-friendly, 2-bedroom house -- December 31st to January 2nd in Phoenix. The unit lists "air conditioning and heat" controlled by a central thermostat as among the amenities, complete with a picture of the thermostat. 3 of us were there: my husband, myself, and also a friend in the 2nd bedroom. We checked in Dec 31st, and headed out for some NYE celebrations. We returned at 1:30am, turned on the heat at the thermostat, and all went to sleep.
We woke up to a house that was frigid. The heat was "on", and the air was blowing, but it's 53 degrees on the thermostat. Phoenix was is an uncharacteristic freeze warning. Heat is clearly not working, and there was very little bedding. Honest mistake from the host, right? Nope! When we messaged him early that AM to ask about extra bedding and to let him know there seemed to be a problem with the heat, he said that he knew the heat wasn't working, and that's why there were space heaters and extra blankets in the closet. Knew it wasn't working?!?! Space heaters?! That was the VERY first mention of space heaters existing in the unit -- and also the very first mention of the heat not working (we looked back over all the communications to double check we didn't miss anything & we also looked around for any notes warning us about the heat). Even after he told us there were space heaters, we couldn't find them. Turns out there were dual-purpose fans and space-heaters, which looked simply like fans (picture below). There were also no extra blankets. He offered to meet up that evening with extra bedding.
So no working heat, and space-heaters that we cannot leave on while we're gone (the #1 rule of space heaters), and 3 small dogs with us. We debated leaving the Airbnb at that point for a dog-friendly hotel, but decided it would be too onerous for just one additional night with additional bedding. We could also heat up the room with the dogs when we're there, and they had their cozy kennels.
Plot twist: with no heads up, and when we were gone in the afternoon, the host entered the property through a locked door and dropped bedding off. Our dogs went nuts, I am sure. I have no idea if his entering without our knowledge violates any rule explicitly, but it definitely felt like a personal violation, and if he'd given me a heads up beforehand, I would have asked him not to enter so he wouldn't terrify the dogs.
To make it worse, we get home, and...new plot twist....it turns out that he did not drop off blankets. He dropped off a single "blanket." I'm not even sure how to describe it, but it was thin, polyester, and extremely cheap. Forgetting that this piece of fabric would definitely not help keep anyone warm, there's also the fact that he only dropped off ONE for a two-bedroom house with 3 adults on the reservation. Huh? At that point, we opted to go to Goodwill and thankfully found some appropriate blankets for not very much money, which we got home and washed (and which were much more comfortable than the bedding provided).
We slept through the 2nd night without incident; the space heaters and additional blankets were fine. We were discussing what to do, and decided that our best course of action would be to simply leave his property/check out, and then get it handled with Airbnb. I was a little worried about escalating anything while we (or our dogs) were at the mercy of this host - a cold house to sleep in is better than NO house. My husband thought I was worrying too much about it. Turned out my suspicion was correct! Because after we checked out, and after I sent him a message that we'd be informing Airbnb of the heating issue, he called me almost immediately (outside of the Airbnb platform).
The phone call lasted about 10 minutes, and was mostly him yelling at me about trying to ruin his business. I listened to him as calmly as I could, and informed him -- among discussion of the blankets and not telling us about the heat, etc. -- that we have our own rental units, and if the heating isn't working, we simply stop renting them, fix it, and then rent them again. Common bleeping sense, right?! To him, nope! He implied he would lose money if he did this. I told him there are habitability laws, and you can't just keep making money when people cannot safely stay in your rental. It's not legal. He didn't want to hear that either! He asked us if we wanted a full refund in exchange for not reporting it to Airbnb. I declined that micro-extortion attempt. My concern was more than getting money back. We were ultimately fine. I was worried about the NEXT guests staying there -- what if it was an older person or someone with a baby, etc. etc. -- and I didn't trust him to fix it before renting it again. I figured we could escalate this to Airbnb and they'd get this guy in-line. Right? Right...?
Nope again...wrong! I messaged Airbnb to get a refund for a single night of our two night stay and to report the unheated home. The heat was broken both nights, but we slept fine the second night and ended up making it work. So a refund for one night and making sure the heat is fixed seems like a good solution where everyone is made whole. Totally reasonable! But Airbnb chose insanity instead. This was the response:
" Unfortunately, since you were not able to report the issue to us 24hours within experiencing the heater issue and missing bedding, and does not have enough documentation, you are not qualified for guest refund policy."
We sent Airbnb screenshots of the conversation where the host said he knew the heat was broken ahead of time. We sent photos of the frigid thermostat (though we only started documenting after learning it wasn't a mistake). We sent them everything, and documented it fully.
There's also no rule that issues have to be reported within 24 hours that I found when trying to reach out to Airbnb - in fact, on the review page, there's an option to report something unsafe....and you can post a review up to 2 weeks after checking out. There's definitely one that applies when you're staying there and trying to cancel, but again, we didn't report it while we were staying there because that could have put us in a more vulnerable situation. After more messages and more phone calls, they did end up giving me the refund, but implied it was a one-time thing and was more to get me off their backs, and had nothing to do with my stay - I was repeated scolded for not reporting within 24 hours, and repeatedly told that Airbnb is "objective". As far as fixing the heat and notifying them of an abusive host? Well that part they didn't care about. I followed up again a few days later, and they said I couldn't get any more of a refund (I didn't ask for one; I only wanted them to fix the heat/aggressive host). Almost every contact with them ended with them assuring me that a member of the "specialized team" would contact me. Someone did follow up with me about the host's unannounced entry to the property.....and ultimately found it didn't violate Airbnb's guidelines. (The "Safety Team Ambassador" also assured me that the heating violation was also being escalated to an ambassador for the appropriate area....but I've heard nothing, despite trying to follow up.)
Finally, the cherry on top: I leave a review that factually describes the listing and the host. I wasn't overly dramatic or trying to troll him, and even waited to write it until reporting a problem and getting his response (he declined any refund) so that my review wouldn't influence any outcome. I wrote an honest review that would inform future renters - everything I included in the review, except for the host's phone call to me, was documented in messages on Airbnb's platform. Even that was a step too far for Airbnb, who deleted my review and accused me of "manipulation," though they couldn't or wouldn't be more specific. I can't even paste the review, because they memory-holed it and I can't find a record of it anywhere. Again, I've stayed in dozens of Airbnbs for 100+ nights and have left/received so many (positive) reviews. 0 are manipulated. I'm years past the point of having the capacity to manipulate anything. We could've gotten so much more money if we kept our mouths shut and took his heating hush money. We simply tried to get our money back for the frigid night AND to make sure the listing was accurate and safe for future renters! Turns out this is manipulation, according to Airbnb. Guess what isn't manipulation according to Airbnb? Their host's threatening phone call.
Interestingly, the most reliable support person was the one who notified me of the review being removed, so I used that venue to try and (unsuccessfully) escalate the other things, particularly the heating violation (our conversation was back and forth over several days). Finally, this person cut off the chat support after sending a message around 9:30 one night asking if I had further questions, and then another message 45 minutes later saying that they assumed I didn't have any questions since I hadn't responded. (Then, when I did respond the next morning asking my next question, I got an auto-response thanking me for being a SuperHost - I am not - and saying that they know the response may not be what I'm hoping for.......it's a ****BAD SIGN**** when your auto-responses anticipate disappointing your customers.)
So there you have it. Lying in the description? That's cool, according to Airbnb. Illegal listing? Also cool. Aggressive host? Totally fine! Years-long customers trying to rectify a bad situation? Ohhhh no, no, no, we can't be having THAT on Airbnb.
PS: Lest you think anything in here is an exaggeration or I'm leaving out key details from our end to make ourselves look good...I only wish that was the case. If anything, I am being overly kind about the whole situation. Thanks for letting me vent! Looking through this community, I can see how awful Airbnb's "support" is in general. I'm sorry for anyone having a weird/bad experience! (If it helps, I'm now referring to them as the "Office of Obfuscation.")
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2022.01.21 02:54 theboss0711 Mommaaaa!

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2022.01.21 02:54 Nobody91765 Who’s your least favorite Touhou and why?

I’ve asked for favorite a few times.
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2022.01.21 02:54 ohnono0203 Scared of secondary or dry drowning-

30, female,Caucasian.
I was swimming in the pool today and as I was doing back stroke I splashed water into my face and inhaled a small bit of water. I coughed it out for a few seconds and then felt fine.
I then did it again when I did freestyle (idk how I did this twice in a row) coughed it out again.
I’ve heard children can die from this.
How common is this in adults? I’m really worried now. It wasn’t a heap of water but is it still pretty unlikely? What should I look out for?
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2022.01.21 02:54 faharasnet نصائح لفقدان الوزن 26 نصيحة فعالة لفقدان الوزن، إذا كنت ترغب في التخلص من الوزن الزائد، فتعرف على نصائح فعالة لفقدان الوزن بنجاح وبسرعة وبشكل صحي. #الصحة_الغذائية

نصائح لفقدان الوزن 26 نصيحة فعالة لفقدان الوزن، إذا كنت ترغب في التخلص من الوزن الزائد، فتعرف على نصائح فعالة لفقدان الوزن بنجاح وبسرعة وبشكل صحي. #الصحة_الغذائية submitted by faharasnet to faharasnet [link] [comments]