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Read Messary Crypto Theses 2022

2022.01.21 03:04 StatusLavishness5932 Read Messary Crypto Theses 2022

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2022.01.21 03:04 HeyMabz What would be the non combat applications of Koichi's stand, ECHOES?

Something in mind I had a while wonder and think this because I recall seeing stand users making use of their abilities for non combat stuff like Pearl Jam for cooking/healing and Cinderalla for makeovers.
What would Koichi's Stand ECHOES be useful for if he wasn't going to use it for battle?
Do you think if he would pick a profession that would be best suitable for his stand?
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2022.01.21 03:04 PsychologicalTrick91 Referral

I got referral from a senior position person for summer internship in big tech company. Does referral really helps to get the job?
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2022.01.21 03:04 evyaworld Shocking: the album rumours that we’re going around on the sub aren’t based on anything.

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2022.01.21 03:04 Brostryker What is the worst class in your own opinion?

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2022.01.21 03:04 TheBigP404 Mobile Legends encourages me to stay inside during fire

I queue up a nice game of Mobile Legends, get Edith for once because she makes it through bans, and I load into the game. Suddenly my fire alarm goes off! I type “sorry fire alarm gtg” to my team, shut the game, and go outside. I come back 40 minutes later and not only did I lose credit for going AFK, I lost credit because my teammates reported me for AFK. Double Whammy. Also a complete dick move. I plummeted from near perfect credit score to having ranked disabled. I proceed with a mandatory quiz about AFKing and being a detriment to your teammates, which I get a 4/5 on. 80%, not bad. “You failed.” Wait, what? I sent an appeal, but apparently “imminent physical threat” isn’t an option on the appeal form, so it was instantly rejected. I guess I’m just not about the grind.
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2022.01.21 03:04 equinoxxxx1 PTB (punish the book). Back to back nights.. 3k into just over 40k. Crystal ball is dialed in..

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2022.01.21 03:04 Wild_Lawfulness What do you think about the names of go-go bars in Bangkok? A semiotic analysis!

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2022.01.21 03:04 Kindly-Cheesecake-54 Looking to do pro-bono UX design work for a non-profit

I'm a UX/UI design student (with some experience) and am looking to do a real-client project for my portfolio. Willing to do it pro-bono if it's a non-profit.
Any advice/leads would be HIGHLY appreciated.
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2022.01.21 03:04 plaingirlisdepressed The honkai community to Otto after the animated short

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2022.01.21 03:04 Imthank_Hipeeps TIME TO DECOMMISSION CHICA | Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach - Part 10

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2022.01.21 03:04 Ok_Chocolate_3480 Conan on Political comedy

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2022.01.21 03:04 KpopAreumdawo Songs like without you by seventeen.

This is a beautiful song and I want to find similar songs pls help
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2022.01.21 03:04 ktec_ceo Looking for comedy centric Tarkov content.

I need funny Tarkov content and there doesn't seem to be any readily available.
I'm looking for something to ease the hurt while waiting for my 26 minute scav timer(I accidentally killed Santa) so I can run to an exit on factory so my level 5 pmc can have a toz to rat around shoreline with.
I watch Pestily, Deadlyslob, and Aqua they are all funny on occasion but not humor focused.
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2022.01.21 03:04 havenokarma atheist cronge...

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2022.01.21 03:04 Nemesis916 EVM support and scalability for Cardano ⚡️

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2022.01.21 03:04 S2mlee100lesch ANANI

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2022.01.21 03:04 OG_anunoby3 We Are Being Influenced towards the Phenomenon. By who? I Just Don't Know.

Well you can call it all a psyops operation or you can believe it is real. The Phenomenon that is. However I believe whether it is real or just a psyops, someone in the higher ups "wants" you to know about it. Either they are fooling you for their own reasons, or they are softening the shock for an actual disclosure. They are purposely getting the word out. Through TV shows, Youtube, Podcasts, Movies, News, Documentaries etc.... Its no coincidence that it is all leaking and slowly getting more and more clear as the days go by. Is it the Military, or the Government, I don't know, could even me more complicated than that. Is Lue a Psyops black belt, is Tom Delonge a fool being used as a pawn, I don't know. Or maybe they are genuine but they getting the word out in a manner that does not cause total panic. Maybe they are doing and saying all on purpose, or maybe they are just being their real self, I really don't know. However, again my opinion is, that someone, as in an organization, at the top, is pulling the strings and they want you to know. They are directing the whole thing, everything that has has leaked out to the public so far, was meant to be leaked out.
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2022.01.21 03:04 DueAir936 SRS VINYL

the recent august restock of the european pressing (which is miles better than the US press) is available for $33 through amazonUK with FREE shipping to the united states as of 1-21-2022.
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2022.01.21 03:04 Basidiomycota30 Cards for the "Itsuka, Zetsubou no Soko kara" event (25-ji, Nightcord de)

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2022.01.21 03:04 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2022.01.21 03:04 PlasticCat3593 #GodMorningFriday अधिक जानकारी के लिए Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Youtube Channel पर विजिट करें।

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2022.01.21 03:04 Blackfilmdude Deleted scenes

Some of these deleted scenes are really showing how the show bit off more than they could chew. The creators were trying to balance tones and characters and did horribly.
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2022.01.21 03:04 Flowersflowering Have you ever had a demanding client?

So I got hired to do a 30K word ebook about a topic my client gave me. I finished the book , revised it front and back , had to change the table of contents twice because his client didn’t like certain pictures for the book (it’s an educational book, nothing inappropriate), and his client keeps adding things on the to-do list. If I would have known I’d been dealing with a client who has a client like that, I never would have even submitted a proposal in the first place. I get that people want things done correctly, and it’s a goal to strive for greatness and good customer service, but there’s a line of demarcation when things become “I’m gonna take advantage of this freelancer and see what all they do for this price”. My client doesn’t have the best reviews either, freelancers mention the delay of releasing payments and being rude to them.
I politely told him that the project is exceeding my limits and that he could keep a portion of the payment to have another client finish it (since I’m pretty busy with other projects). He has funded half of the project. If he doesn’t agree, I don’t want to end the contract and ruin my job success score.. but I believe the funding would be covered, right?
[semi rant, question]
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2022.01.21 03:04 suhwyu Having BED + ANA is actual hell

just a vent
Ate til it physically hurt again today, i ordered skip twice today and i feel so ashamed with myself. Its same thing every day, it’s so tiring. On work days i get up and fast majority of the day and only plan to eat dinner to ‘make up’ for yesterday. Then all i do is think of what i secretly want to eat all day. I go home eat dinner and then end up binging so much right before i go to sleep so i don’t have to think about it and promise myself it will be different tomorrow. On days i’m off work i eat all day because that’s the only source of entertainment/comfort i have, again i promise myself tomorrow will be different. Spoiler: it’s never different, i never want to do anything anymore just eat and sleep.
My anorexia is constantly screaming at me, i feel disgusted with myself 24/7. I impulsively body check any time i’m alone and pass a mirror and i just want to cry because i look so bloated and shitty. Have panic attacks after binges because i feel like i’m going to gain so much weight. I only feel attractive when i don’t eat but eating is what makes the hurt go away for a bit. It’s either too much or not enough, there’s never an in between.
I wish i had better control and that i wasn’t so disgusting, i wish i wasn’t such a pussy and could make myself purge. Or that i wasn’t so lazy and could work out every day like i used to. Every night i go to bed scared and sad that tomorrow will come and everything will just happen all over again, i don’t want to wake up anymore. I don’t want to be anywhere anymore, fighting two eating disorders for 9 years is getting so tiring, i just feel like a pathetic problem to everyone and myself. My weight isn’t even the issue when it comes down to it, I’m literally skinny. It’s just the way my body is formed and how my bone structure is, i find it so repulsive. I’ll never be able to change it, it’s still the same shape if i’m at higher weights. I’ve just accepted that i’m just always going to hate how my body looks, i would do anything to change it. It blows my mind that my partner would even ever want to touch me or find me attractive. I feel trapped in a body and life i don’t even want, idk what i’m even doing anymore. I have no plans for my life. Just floating through everyday aimlessly, just looking forwards to seeing my cat and sleeping.
This mental illness is shit. It hurts so much, it’s physical type of hurt that you can feel deep down in your chest. It’s excruciating actually. Nothing hurts more than feeling like a prisoner in your own self, it’s suffocating
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