If FiM did a crossover with any other cartoon show, which one should've it been?

2021.12.04 10:43 MoviesAndCartoons579 If FiM did a crossover with any other cartoon show, which one should've it been?

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2021.12.04 10:43 -curious-potato- The spirits found her abandoned and lit her way. Now, she lights up the world. - Character From Our 2.5D Chrono Trigger/FF inspired JRPG. Thoughts?

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2021.12.04 10:43 Outrageous-Baker-232 [Recruiting] TH8+

Looking to join a clan who’s constantly in war, has friendly members, and is looking for new people? Come be a Killer Alpha! Clan Name: Killer Alphas Clan Tag: #2Q8GYYRLP We are currently looking for people who have TH8+ but if you’re actively growing there may be exceptions. Feel free to ask any questions.Come have a good time and meet new friends! My Name: AlphaKy My Tag: #8G9CU8YVV
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2021.12.04 10:43 yrhendystu I'm in so much trouble when we get home. Some of it is mud, some fox poo.

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2021.12.04 10:43 NuancedBombs [O levels] Study buddies?

Hello guys, does anyone want to study together online next year? I’m currently sec4 and have completed Olvs this year, so just waiting for results :) I’d like to work hard after applying into school next year and if anyone wants to study with me through some study apps, drop me a message :D Oh it seems like I have to use more words :/ Maybe I’ll just add that I don’t think I did well for Os :( which is why I want to work hard next year and kind of make up for it 😀👍
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2021.12.04 10:43 canadian-weed Ethereum Rival Terra Hits Another All-Time High as It Enters Top 10 Coins - Decrypt

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2021.12.04 10:43 YCat19 If Tilted is anywhere it will be in the back with the mountains

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2021.12.04 10:43 Flashinglight-s Find Marginal Product capital when you only know MRTSL and Marginal Product labor

How can i find the MPk (marginal product of capital) when I only know MPL (marginal product of labor) = 15 units And MRTSL (Marginal rate of technical substitution labor) = 3 Please help
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2021.12.04 10:43 let-it-rain-sunshine I survived NYC without a drink

Visiting nyc for a couple days to get away and have fun has been a frikkin trigger. So many inviting and cool bars on every corner. Went out for dinner, couple shows, even seeing Aziz Ansari drop in at the comedy cellar, and tempted as I was, drank non alcoholic things and was better for it. The old me wouldn’t even remember half the night and would not be up before 9, feeling good. 🙏 thanks for everyone here. Your wisdom helped talk me off the ledge and not dive into the deep end again.
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2021.12.04 10:43 maumuffin how to get xray in vanilla Minecraft!

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2021.12.04 10:43 renaum Plot twist: Lula desiste de ter Alckmin como vice e acaba com sua carreira política

Alckmin fica mal visto por ambos esquerdistas e anti-esquerdistas, tendo um longo histórico recente de elogiar o candidato vermelho.
Não dá tempo dele negociar uma chapa com outra pessoa, visto que todas as duplinhas já foram formadas com os políticos mais cobiçados.
A luz de fundo se apaga. Câmera focada no rosto por onde se espalha seu crescente arrependimento. Cheque mate, chuchu.
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2021.12.04 10:43 future_zero_identity [ tri-x, sp1000, super takumar 135mm ]

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2021.12.04 10:43 tinatspoon a white bat!! aww cutie🤤

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2021.12.04 10:43 meesemesse Wishing and Constellations Theory by a Friend

So my friend created a theory that he wanted to share. He asked if I could post it here.

QUICK SUMMARY: The Unreconciled Stars Event gave us a few tidbits of info that are crucial to the lore tied to Genshin Impact. I will list them here as follows.

  1. Before Venti, then known as Barbatos, reshaped the landscape by blowing away the ice that covered the land of Mondstadt, there was an adventurer named Leonard who tried to climb to the top of a mountain named Pilos Peak. As much as he tried, he never ever reached the top of the mountain and died without ever accomplishing his goal. He ended up creating the Wind Glider, in hopes that the people of the future would be able to use his invention to fly to the top of the peak and complete his goal for him.
  2. Pilos Peak was a high peak that was covered in snow and ice. However, when Barbatos blew away the icy tundra of a landscape to create the oceans and lakes, Pilos Peak too melted away. It is now known as Musk Reef, where we go to enter and fight in the Spiral Abyss.
  3. In modern times, meteorites fell from the sky all around Teyvat (at the time of the event, it was only Mondstadt and Liyue), sending any person without a vision into a deep slumber where they only dreamt about climbing an impossible summit that they could never reach. It was soon found out that through some insight from Mona and research into the past members of the Adventurer’s Guild that this action that these people were reenacting were about the adventurer Leonard.
  4. It was then found out that through the divination of Mona, that these meteorites where the fallen Constellations of Leonard and that these meteorites held the story and the ambitions of the long since passed adventurer.
  5. At the end of the event, Scaramouche, (for we at this point as far as we know does not have a Vision, but is presumed to have a Delusion) was able to not only go into a deep slumber and experience the dream, but was also able to pull himself out of it. He then exclaimed how the sky was a lie and that the stars and almost all of the celestial bodies were all a hoax.
WISHING SYSTEM/PITY: As we all know, we are all well acquainted with the wishing system and how pity works, and while we usually don’t think too much about it and just hope to get the characters and weapons we want, there is a lot more to it. Now let’s state the obvious.
  1. You can wish in two ways. Either a single pull or in a set of 10. A 10 pull will guarantee you a 4 star character of weapon in the bundle.
  2. The pity system is fairly simple to understand. Soft pity is when your probability of winning a 5 star character or weapon gradually increases, starting on wish 75. Hard pity is 90, and guarantees you a 5 star item.
  3. When you wish, there is an opening in the sky and a “shooting star” of sorts comes barreling through, and glowing. The wish or wishes will either be blue (3 star), purple (4 star), gold (5 star). For the rest of this theory, i will simply be referring to this glowing entity as “shooting star”
  4. When you do a single pull, there will be one main “shooting star”, and a tiny fragment of it accompanied by it. When you do a 10 pull, there will be a cluster of them following the main one.
CONSTELLATIONS: Again, to state the obvious, we all know what Constellations are in Genshin Impact. They are part of a character’s upgrade that you must unlock to help them become stronger. It helps them unlock their true potential and makes them more useful.
LORE: We already know that Genshin is meant to imitate the idea of Gnosticism and put it into the story of the Traveler. One thing that we know about the lore is that Visions are given to allogenes to make them believe that they were given gifts of divine power that will help them have the chance to ascend to godhood. However, these Visions are “eyes” that are given out by Celestia, or the Fake God, to simply give the illusion that they can become more powerful. But the Fake God simply does not desire that and hopes to trap them once they ascend, as seen in the Genshin Webtoon where Vanessa enters a panopticon, a room that is a prison where all of the prisoners can all be observed from one place.
  1. Constellations are obtained through the shop and the wishing system but mainly the latter. We hope to get Constellations of character that we utilize often in hopes of making them stronger and more viable in combat, aka Spiral Abyss.
  2. However, I believe that this is all a part of Celestia portraying the illusion of giving others a chance of ascending to godhood.
  3. As we know now, the meteorites from the Unreconciled Stars Event were parts of the fallen Constellation of the adventurer Leonard. While we do not know if he had a Vision then, it is important to realize that the meteorites that fell from the sky look like the wishes during their animation from being pulled from the banners.
  4. When doing a 10 pull, the clusters appear VERY similar to the way all of the meteorites fell during the event. Additionally, as those fallen meteorites fell to Teyvat during the event, so do the wishes when you wish them from the sky, aka Celestia.
  5. Now since we know that Celestia is simply trying to throw smoke and mirrors through the illusion of the sky, and we also know that when we wish to use the fates, “shooting star” also fall from the sky. Using this knowledge, we can now assume that this is all part of the bigger picture.
  6. Celestia wants to portray to all of the allogenes that the stronger that they become, the more of a chance that they have to ascend to godhood. And as players, the more we wish, the more we throw this illusion onto our characters, making them think that they are getting stronger and therefore, in lore, those characters also think that they are getting stronger.
  7. Additionally, as Leonard’s Constellation fell from the sky in bits and pieces, when we wish on banners, we have the probability of one of our character’s Constellation fragments falling down from Celestia to Teyvat for them to become stronger.
  8. And while I do think that they are getting stronger, they are also being deceived by Celestia, thinking that they will achieve some goal, but will undoubtedly fail like Leonard trying to reach the summit of Pilos Peak.
  9. Also, sometimes we get weapons instead of characters from the “shooting stars”, and that is part of the lore too. Just like Leonard’s fallen Constellation including bits and pieces of his memories, so do the weapons, as they include lore of how they were made and where they originated from.
  10. Celestia has a win-win situation here. By giving the Constellations to the characters and therefore making them stronger, it allows the player to use those characters to tackle the Spiral Abyss and go further and further in its “evil”. And in doing so, Celestia is able to keep the organizations that want to overthrow it by strengthening characters who will dispose of them, while also perpetuating this illusion that these characters will be “rewarded” for doing so.
  11. Now speaking about us as the Traveler, we are one and the same. These Constellations that we get are known as Memories of (...), depending on what element those Constellations are from. We have no recollection of where we are from and who we really are. So when we collect these Memories to light up our corner of the sky, we receive our Constellations. Our situation is very similar to Leonard, except for the fact that we are not dead like him. Instead, all of our Constellations of each element have fallen down to Teyvat, just like us, and we need to go and collect them all, because they retain our story.
  12. Interestingly, the words Stella Fortuna in Chinese mean “the constellation of the fate”. And as we know these Constellations come from the sky itself. So it can be inferred that the fate that we are given from the stars and skies, which is in fact Celestia, helps us unlock our potential to carry out what Celestia wants by also falling into the trap that they set for us.
  13. And to end it off, as we all know the Spiral Abyss has moon phases, in which where the monsters reset and the blessings also reset. This is because the forces of the Spiral Abyss will always try to rise and usurp the rule of the Archons and Celestia. So every moon phase, the player must go down into the pit and fend off the monsters so that Celestia can always be protected from its downfall. And as allogenes grow up and die off, there will always be a new generation of allogenes to “give” this responsibility to, while the past generation will die off and “ascend” but just be trapped and imprisoned within Celestia. That is how Celestia will be able to continue its rule and dominion over Teyvat.
Credit: Elton M.

What do you think? Is there anything you would like to add on, or any part you disagree with based on known information? I will try my due best to relay feedback received and his responses to them!
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2021.12.04 10:43 dndndjdjjducic How do I clean weeks old vomit off of brick?

Title, it’s super high up so idk what to do.
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2021.12.04 10:43 ritesh_ks New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
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2021.12.04 10:43 Adam-best Deep Moisturizing & Exfoliating Feet Peel Mask (1 Pair Set) This effective and gentle process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer. In addition, these peel socks can improve other foot issues like Foot Odor, Athlete's Foot, and Blood Circulation. Say goodbye

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2021.12.04 10:43 McKFC “Baroness Mone is 100% not a racist. Baroness Mone and her husband have built over 15 schools in Africa in the past three years.” - Tory peer accused of calling someone “a waste of a man’s white skin”

“Baroness Mone is 100% not a racist. Baroness Mone and her husband have built over 15 schools in Africa in the past three years.” - Tory peer accused of calling someone “a waste of a man’s white skin” submitted by McKFC to thisisntwhoweare [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 10:43 linuxhasfsdfds ROBO INU | The community owned crypto inspired by NASA 🔥 |Top project for December 100x potential | Huge potential project 📈 |Small mcap | Audited ✅

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2021.12.04 10:43 Dardan01001 Bees in a Blockchain

Hi guys! We are designers of the IED (European Institute of Design) who are doing a research project on different topics such as Bees, Gaming and Blockchain.
We ask you for 5 minutes of your time to fill in this survey which will help us to get interesting ideas for our project!!
We thank you in advance for your help, thanks for the support!
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2021.12.04 10:43 Gaelic_Ireland Series X - Ultimate edition 60 FPS 4k or Gears 1 original

Which is better? I'm looking to go through gears series I played some of gears 1 and maybe 2 many many years ago when I was younger looking to go through again. Apparently the original is grittier than ultimate? I do remember it being a scary game lol
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2021.12.04 10:43 EthTraderCommunity Here’s What’s Next for Ethereum Rivals Solana and Avalanche, According to Analyst Nicholas Merten

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2021.12.04 10:43 svanapps Bitcoin Price Tumbles After Wall Street Selloff - The Wall Street Journal

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2021.12.04 10:43 Ar_y_y Phone gets slow

My phone get’s painfully slow. Opening Spotify takes around 15 seconds and opening a playlist takes 10 seconds. It only happens when I use Android Auto and I don’t know why.
I have a Galaxy s10 and use it on a BMW unit. I also tried it with a Volkswagen and a Seat, but same results.
Does anyone know why?
Both Android and Android Auto are on the newest version.
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